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Thanks for all the memories.......

Memory is not only essential for us but for computers too.  We stock a large range of Kingston USB memory sticks, SD cards, micro SD cards and Samsung external hard drives.  We also stock CD's, CDRW's, DVD's and DVDRW's.


USB Memory sticks are the most useful and portable forms of memory.  Both quick and small, they are great for sharing all sorts of files, from documents to photographs, music and video.  They can also be used to back up devices for extra security.  We stock 8GB to 128GB.

We have a comprehensive range of SD and SDHC cards for digital cameras, and Micro SD cards for phone and tablet. These range from 2GB up to 64GB.


We stock Samsung External Hard Drives. From 500GB to 2TB, these are excellent for large scale storage of Video, photographs, music and all types of documents.


Sometimes the CD or DVD format is preferable, coming in both

recordable and rewritable.

DVD's come in two formats: + and -

Some devices will only take one or the other, so it would be a good idea to check which format you need before you visit.

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